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Here it is – my rebooted website. My fiction pieces seem to be getting longer but most of my posts here will be shorter. Due to Twitter, I have really come to enjoy micro-blogging but, hey, why should Twitter get all of my best lines? (This isn’t the end of my longer, more reflective posts though. I like doing those and will still occasionally throw them out here.)

You can also expect to see more pictures, videos and other media here. I’ll now be tagging posts too. In fact, via the gigs tag, you’ll still be able to find out about my latest gigs. (That old favourite, the Melbourne Writers’ Festival parody, has a tag too: writersfestivalparody.) But far more importantly, I hope this website will better reflect the streaming thoughts of my day-to-day artistic practice and life. So consider this blog both a glimpse into and a part of my studio.

There are still more changes to come but this is how it’s looking so far. So, in conclusion, welcome and yay!

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