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The first story that I have written for my new book is being published in the Australian magazine The Lifted Brow. This piece is called “What are the attributes of God?”

I’ve never been published in The Lifted Brow before and I’m really looking forward to it. This is also my first publication of new work in a literary magazine for a little while. It is great that the piece is being published (and in such a fresh and interesting journal) and even the very process of submitting this piece to journals has been good for me. I’ve been submitting pieces to litmags since I was 18. I miss submitting work when I go for long stretches without doing it.

Recently, Sophie Cunningham stepped down from her role as editor of one of my favourite litmags, Meanjin. Sophie did a great job with Meanjin – not only via the print journal, but through in-person events and across various online channels. You will be missed, Sophie.

And, coming up soon, another one of my favourite litmags, HEAT, is going to be finishing up. The final issue is coming out soon. HEAT might return in online form at some stage but, at any rate, its current closing is sad news. HEAT has been really important for me in my career, particularly since it led to the publication of my first book. Farewell, HEAT. I hope to see you on my iPhone eventually.

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