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Here’s some exciting news that I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks: Canadian publisher Arsenal Pulp Press has bought the publishing rights for Look Who’s Morphing for North America and Europe. The book will be released in April 2014.

An award-winning independent publisher, Arsenal Pulp Press is a fantastic fit for the book and I am so glad that the book is being published by this particular publisher. As mentioned on their website:

Arsenal Pulp Press is a book publisher in Vancouver, Canada with over 200 titles currently in print, which include literary fiction and nonfiction; cultural and gender studies; LGBT and multicultural literature; cookbooks, including vegan; alternative crafts; visual arts; and books in translation. We are interested in literature that traverses uncharted territories, publishing books that challenge and stimulate and ask probing questions about the world around us.

(Trivia: Years ago, a friend who had become a confidante in matters gender-related, passed onto me a copy of Ivan E. Coyote’s literary debut Close to Spiderman. How I loved reading that book, which was published by – you guessed it – Arsenal Pulp Press.)

The publishers at Arsenal Pulp Press became interested in the book after hearing about it from one of their authors, Larissa Lai, who has been a fantastic supporter of the book. A huge thank you to Larissa for her support!

As well as looking forward to the international release of Look Who’s Morphing, I’ve had some other exciting successes lately, including some important progress on my second book project and good news about a further residency that I’ve received. But I’ll save all of that for another time. This blog post belongs to the news that Look Who’s Morphing, a book that I wrote with a world audience in mind, will have its already amazing shelf life extended and broadened, courtesy of an excellent publisher that is pretty much a perfect fit for this book.

I’m really excited about sharing Look Who’s Morphing with new readers next year.

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