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I’m pleased to announce the release of a much-needed resource: a list of Transgender Writers and Writers with Intersex Variations in Australia. Copies of the list are now available upon request.Transgender Writers and Writers with Intersex Variations in Australia (May 2015)

As I mentioned in my callout from late last year, major media reportage about transfolk and people with intersex variations is overwhelmingly written by cisgender people. This list aims to intervene into that state of affairs in Australia. Importantly, it also aims to put more trans and intersex voices, including those of emerging writers, into smaller publications.

The professional backgrounds of the writers listed in this document span various fields – media and communications, academia, creative writing, health and more. This list will create opportunities for writers and editors alike, and I’m confident that further iterations will be produced in the future.

I’ve already received numerous requests from people who want to receive the list. So it’s over to you now: feel free to spread the word about the list and if you wish to receive a copy, please contact me. The list is available in PDF form. I welcome contact from anyone working in writing/publishing who wants a copy (including writers who can pass on the list to their editors and publishers). Whether you’re working in book publishing, at a daily metropolitan newspaper, a student magazine, a news website, a literary journal, a literary festival, or elsewhere, get in touch. I’ll also be emailing the list to those who have already requested it from me.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has participated in this project!

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