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[Note: Some months after this post was written, the east coast leg of the Sister Spit tour was cancelled. However, I was invited on the west coast tour leg. Read my later blog post for the tour details!

I’ve been invited on the 2015 Sister Spit: Next Generation tour for the US East Coast!

Co-founded by author and curator Michelle Tea and film-maker and poet Sini Anderson, Sister Spit: Next Generation is “a queer multimedia literary performance tour that travels the United States and Canada, bringing 6-8 queer artists to audiences exceeding 5,000 annually.” (You can learn more at the RADAR Productions website.  RADAR is the not-for-profit under which Michelle does many literary projects.)


East and West Coast USA: the 2015 Sister Spit tour awaits your bookings. Get in touch via the Facebook post or via the RADAR website contact form.


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