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Last week, Canadian literary magazine PRISM International posted a recent interview with me. I was interviewed by the magazine’s Prose Editor, Christopher Evans. I discussed my new novel-in-progress, a way in which I “trans” my work, and more. It was great for me to discuss my more recent work, as I haven’t given many interviews about my novel-in-progress. Here’s a link to the interview, with its striking title that alludes to things unfinished:

PRISM Interview with Tom Cho

Speaking of things unfinished, this interview followed PRISM’s recent publication of an excerpt from my novel-in-progress. This excerpt, titled “Are you there, God? It is I, Robot”, is from the third chapter of the novel manuscript. The chapter addresses the question “Does God exist?” More than two years of work went into this chapter, which is about 17,000 words. And while I’ve been here in Alberta doing a residency, I’ve been doing background reading for the novel’s fourth (and likely penultimate) chapter, which addresses a further question: “Can only one religion be true?”

One might say that that my novel project over-reaches a lot.

And yet I’ve also been extending myself and expanding my practice so that I can actually execute this novel because the themes of this over-reaching novel are far-reaching indeed.

My residency in Alberta wraps up at the end of the month and, as is often the case for me when I’m on a residency, my work is starting to come together in these crucial closing days. This place feels special to me – for so many reasons, including these:

Crowsnest Pass and surrounds

I wish that I could stay here for longer, especially since some really important and exciting lines of thought in my project are now taking form. But other important and exciting things await: at the end of the month, I’ll be heading back to Vancouver (where I’ll be doing a reading – details coming soon), before moving to Toronto.

Toronto was the very first place in Canada that I visited, back in early 2013 when I did a writer’s residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island. I loved that particular residency and I have strong memories about how I needed it so much. I arrived with as much food and groceries as I could carry and I didn’t leave that residency building for ten days, until all my food had run out. Eventually, once the residency had finished, I explored Toronto more, and I came to realise how much I needed this city, and not only the writer’s residency that had first brought me there. I met fantastic people and l began to see how my creative practice, along with other aspects of my life, could flourish in this part of the world. I came back to Toronto a couple more times after that, and on July 1, 2014, I left the city with a sense that there were more than a few things unfinished. Above all, I hoped that I could return as a Canadian permanent resident and be able to bring my partner with me.

So, after this stay in Crowsnest Pass in Alberta concludes, I’ll be moving to Toronto, the city where my connection to Canada began. I’ll be arriving at the end of July. I’ll then be seeking paid writing and editing work, freelance and permanent (job leads and recommendations are very welcome – you can learn more about my corporate writing work at the Consultancy page on this website and also at my LinkedIn profile). And, as well as job-hunting, I’ll be resuming work on this unfinished novel that I have been writing about an unfinished god.

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