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“What are the attributes of God?”, which considers the question that is posed in its title, is a chapter from my novel in progress. Importantly, this piece was my first attempt to write fiction that was not only informed by the philosophy of religion, but fiction that might “do” philosophy of religion.

The piece was published in issue 11 of the Australian literary magazine The Lifted Brow and was later re-published, with minor revisions, in the anthology The Best of The Lifted Brow.

Over late 2012-mid 2013, I undertook some artist residencies in North America. During those periods, I attempted to expand the chapter, move it to another part of my manuscript, and re-conceptualise the manuscript. So difficult was this task that I almost gave up on the entire novel. However, in the final days of my stay at an artist retreat, I was able to finish this work and to produce a new version of the chapter – or, as I am more likely to see it, a new piece that is also called “What are the attributes of God?”

The question of God’s attributes, then, is one that I’ve had to revisit multiple times. But a revisable response, one that is not too sure of itself, is what this question requires.

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