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This resource aims to increase, in Australia’s public conversations, the presence of writers who are transgender or who have intersex variations.

I released the first edition of this much-needed resource in September 2015. I compiled the list with assistance from writer Morgan Carpenter, then the president of OII Australia, a national body by and for people with intersex variations (now known as Intersex Human Rights Australia).

Transgender Writers and Writers with Intersex Variations in Australia was initially created in response to a long-standing problem with major media reportage about transgender people and people with intersex variations: these conversations about us are frequently staged without us. In particular, we are rarely solicited as authors. Importantly, the resource also aims to put more trans and intersex voices, including those of emerging writers, into smaller publications and public arenas.

Since its release, the list has been requested by editors at book publishing houses and literary journals, literary festival directors, producers of major radio shows, and more. As well as increased awareness of writing talent, the use of the list has led to various public outcomes, such as the publication of commissioned essays in literary journals and the publication of Alison Evans’ young adult novel, Ida by Echo Publishing (this novel later won the 2018 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award, in the People’s Choice category).

In October 2017, I handed over the running of the list to Sydney-based writer Kaya Wilson. The list now resides at

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