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During a time of unprecedented pressure on Australia’s arts industry, I was privileged to work on the 2016-2020 strategic plan that won Dancehouse – Australia’s premier centre for independent dance – four years of funding from the Australia Council for the Arts.

This funding success occurred as part of an exceptionally competitive funding round, due to government cuts of $104 million over four years in the Australia Council’s budget. The funding round resulted in 128 of 262 applicants being funded, with 65 organisations being defunded.

Working to tight deadlines, I gave detailed feedback on early drafts of Dancehouse’s strategic plan, advancing and structuring the organisation’s thinking, and helping to identify a strong through line of argument. I then worked on the final draft of the plan to further refine Dancehouse’s strategic thought and communication.

Angela Conquet Artistic Director/CEO, Dancehouse
(Tom’s) comments and sharp eye were extremely valuable – really a sort of eye-opener – and they prompted a very in-depth analysis on our side of what we were saying we were achieving and how we were doing it. The Strategic Plan is now a document that truly reflects the vision, philosophy and ethics of the organisation and makes us all feel very proud. We are so grateful to Tom for his fine thinking, energy and time he put into this job. We would have not managed without him.
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