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Footscray Community Arts Centre is renowned for its arts projects with the communities of Melbourne’s western region.

At the time that I was writing the centre’s 2008-2010 business plan, the organisation had experienced a major funding reduction. Much was riding on this business plan and how it would be received by the centre’s major funders. In the lead-up to writing this business plan, I had already done much work in analysing the centre’s activities and devising a model to describe its purpose and programming.

In the end, this business plan enabled the centre to receive six years of federal government funding and to maintain its state government funding. As a consequence, the organisation remained operational.

In addition to this business plan, I wrote many other documents for Footscray Community Arts Centre, including annual reports, marketing copy, case studies, speeches and, most of all, a considerable number of successful funding proposals. In addition to the six years of federal funding resulting from the centre’s business plan, my proposals secured three new sources of triennial funding, as well as a multitude of grants for annual programs and one-off projects.

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