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This book accompanied the performance of 100% Melbourne, a theatre show in which Melbourne’s population was represented by 100 everyday Melburnians. As part of the City of Melbourne Arts and Participation Program, these 100 Melburnians worked with acclaimed Berlin theatre makers Rimini Protokoll to create a live portrait of the city.

More than a printed program for a theatre show, the 100% Melbourne book included statistics about Melbourne and its people, an essay on the 100% Melbourne project, profiles of all participants and other key project personnel, and more. I gave advice on the book’s structure, and I wrote and edited selected parts of the book. I also conceived approaches for presenting information on 100% Melbourne not only clearly but creatively, in ways that reflected the character of this arts project. The resulting book was praised in some of the show’s reviews.

Watch The Making of 100% Melbourne:

The Making of 100% Melbourne | City of Melbourne

100% Melbourne: Our city. On stage. by Rimini Protokoll It started with a single Melburnian. This Melburnian had 24 hours to recruit the next Melburnian, who…


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[Photos and book design: Dominic Forde]