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Yesterday, I learned that I’ve been award an artist residency at 100 West Corsicana, which is based in Corsicana, Texas (about an hour’s drive from Dallas). Once again, I will use the residency to work on my novel-in-progress. 

Residencies have been pivotal to the development of my novel. Upon returning from my (awesome) residency at Crosstown Arts at the end of July, I began readying myself to submit applications to further residency providers. Figuring that I would submit about seven applications, I was dreading the resulting workload. By September, I was already falling behind. I had submitted two applications but had hoped to submit more. Various application deadlines came and went, but a crushing freelancing workload over the following weeks meant that I had no time to submit any more applications.

So I am especially elated to learn that the very first residency application I submitted has been successful (the other one is still under consideration). As well as being a huge boost for my novel-writing plans next year, being awarded this residency means I will likely not submit any further residency applications for the next twelve months, allowing me divert this precious time to novel-writing instead.