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Earlier this year, I received an email from an Aizzah Hanis, who contacted me via my website. Aizzah’s a second year Visual Communications student at Arts University Bournemouth in the UK.

As it turned out, Aizzah went to the 2009 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and saw me talk at a panel session. This led Aizzah to purchase and enjoy Look Who’s Morphing. Aizzah was emailing me to ask for permission to illustrate a piece from the book for a university project. I happily said yes.

The piece that Aizzah ended up illustrating was “The Exorcist” and, months later, when Aizzah contacted me to point me to a blog post containing some photos of the finished version, I was chuffed to see the results. I’ll be extra excited to see the results in person (a hard copy is waiting for me when I return to Melbourne).

As well as enjoying the illustrations themselves, I love it when creativity begets creativity in these seemingly random and inter-connected ways: a film was made called The Exorcist, which led me to write the fiction piece “The Exorcist”, which came to be published as part of Look Who’s Morphing, which led to my appearance at the 2009 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (and what a creation that festival is), which led to Aizzah’s work, which has led to this blog post. (What next? Perhaps the reading and even sharing of and commenting on this post.)

And now to share with you three photos, published here with Aizzah’s permission, of the illustrated version of “The Exorcist”:

'The Exorcist' illustration 1 The Exorcist' illustration 2 The Exorcist' illustration 3

Best that you consider these photos more of a teaser, since they are of the front cover and the first double-page spread. The rest of the photos, and in a larger size, can be found at this post from Aizzah’s Tumblr.

And if you’d like to see Aizzah’s progress posts with accompanying images – which I found just as interesting – these are also on Aizzah’s Tumblr.

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