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I’ve joined various writers from around the world in raising money for Queensland flood relief. This is via the Writers on Rafts project. The project is a really good idea. Here’s the deal:

Writers on Rafts is an initiative of Queensland Writers Centre and author Rebecca Sparrow to raise money for the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. More than 150 Australian authors have pledged prizes. The 4 prize categories are pretty cool:

(a) Author Visit: Your chance to have a local author drop-in to your book club, have coffee with your writer’s group, or give a talk at your school.

(b) Writer Support: An opportunity to have your own work professionally developed, either through workshops, manuscript critique, or a place in the Queensland Writers Centre’s Year of the Writer series.

(c) Character Name: Be tuckerised and live immortally in your favourite author’s new work.

d) Book Pack: A selection of signed books by genre or author.

Participating authors include Brian Castro, Anita Heiss, Anne Summers, Tara Moss, Linda Jaivin, Markus Zusak, Melina Marchetta, Morris Gleitzman, Benjamin Law, Nick Earls, Mem Fox, Kathy Lette, Toni Jordan, and many more.

I’ve chosen the character name category. So if you enter Writers on Rafts, you might just win a prize of being a character in the book I’m writing. And I’m writing about some very cool things in this new book. Here are some of the character types you could end up as:

  • a robot
  • a god
  • someone who has awesome sex with a tentacled beast
  • a tentacled beast who is an awesome lover
  • …and much more.

To enter, go to and purchase as many tickets as you like in as many categories as you want!

Every ticket is one chance to win for a lucky person in every state and territory, and every dollar goes directly to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal to help victims of the Queensland floods.

QWC’s goal is to raise $10,000 through Writers On Rafts and they’ll be conducting the draw on Friday 25 February.

Update: Congratulations to Tseen Khoo, Victoria’s winner of Writers on Rafts! Tseen chose to have her name featured in my book in progress. Happy to oblige, Tseen – in fact, I’ve already written you into the piece I’m currently writing!

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