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Greetings from Johnson, Vermont. This is the first full day of my residency at Vermont Studio Center, and I feel so lucky and so happy to be here.

Despite the things from home that I miss (well, more to the point, the people from home who I miss), there is so much to like about this residency already. However, I’ll need to save the elaboration for a later blog post. I’ve got a few research goals to attend to today, so I’m going to make this blog post more of an image-based post.

Yesterday, I arrived in Johnson and was shown my living quarters and studio.

The view from my studio window looked like this:

Today, it looks like this:

Here’s what the interior of my studio/desk-home looks like:

Today, the studio building that I’m in – Maverick Studios – looks like this:

And here’s a photo that I took last night, trying to capture the almost-full-moon above one of the buildings of the center:

I know – I am a lucky person. I already have the best job in the world but, really, now I get this too? And yet I know that part of my happiness at being here is because this happiness feels so hard-earned.

Anyway, it’s time for me to do some work. Today, I’ve got phenomenology on my mind, so it’s time to return to that. More blogging to come.

[Note: I’m not going to be on Facebook for the duration of my residency and will only visit Twitter intermittently, so if you’d like to comment on any of these residency-related blog posts, please do so here on my website, rather than on Facebook or Twitter.]


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