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Over the years, I’ve had contact from numerous students and lecturers who have informed me that they’ve studied or set my work as part of a course. I know that my work has been included in a range of courses in Australia, and that it’s also featured in courses in the UK, Switzerland, Japan and, coming up soon, Canada.

Now, I want to compile a list of college and university courses where my creative work has been studied at universities in Australia and abroad.

So I need your help. Are you a student or lecturer, past or present, who has studied or set my work for a course? If so, please contact me or comment on this post directly (or via Facebook, Twitter or the other channels in which this post will be published).

I’d like to know as many of these details as you can provide:

  • the name of the unit and/or course
  • the institution at which the study occurred
  • what work or works were studied
  • the year(s) my work was studied
  • … and, if you like, any comments or stories about the responses to my work (which I always enjoy hearing about) and your permission to let me share these comments in the future.

Hopefully, in a later blog post, I’ll share the results of what I’ve compiled!