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Four questions on writing

Posted on Sep 1 by

I was recently tagged by Vivek Shraya, a fellow Arsenal Pulp Press author,  for a writer-related “blog hop” (he also tagged another fellow Arsenal Pulp Press author,...


2015 Sister Spit tour: Now taking bookings

Posted on Aug 1 by

I’ve been invited on the 2015 Sister Spit: Next Generation tour for the US East Coast! Founded by San Francisco writer and curator Michelle Tea, Sister Spit: Next...


Readings in August and September

Posted on Jul 29 by

Coming up in August and September, I have more readings scheduled. In a nutshell, it’s looking like this: August and September readings Click a link to go straight to the...


California readings in July

Posted on Jul 1 by

From July 1 until around early-mid September, I’ll be living in LA! During this period, I’ll be doing a few readings in west coast USA. In July, I’ll be doing 3...


Six readings in May!

Posted on Apr 25 by

So many readings coming up! I have 6 readings in May, with more to come in June and July. First up, I’m reading with two authors who both sound great. Greg Bechtel’s...